photograph-01We all want to look good in photographs. However, there are those of us that do not feel confident in having our photos taken, as we dislike the end results. There are a few tried and true steps to take to accentuate your appearance before the camera takes the shot. Before we consider these, it may be wise to look into why we feel we do not take a good photo. Take out some photos of yourself, or visit a social media page where you have selfies. Take a close look and note what make you look better in one photo and not the other. Things to consider are: Lighting, making ‘faces’, the angle of the shot.

Suck it In

As crude as that sounds, it’s what many of us tend to dislike most about our photos: The protruding tummy. If the standard sucking your stomach in is not working for you, try posing by facing the camera, then twisting your waist away, leaving one shoulder behind and one facing the camera. According to Patti Wood, a body language expert based out of Atlanta, this pose “makes you look very slender”.

The Right Lip Color

With you eyes defined nicely, a nicely toned matte finish foundation applied, the next consideration are the lips. One color that is said to flatter almost all skin complexions is one with a berry tone. Mimi Dorsey is an L.A. based image consultant who advises her clientele to use lip colors with berry tones. She also suggests that you avoid nude lipsticks as they can give you a dead appearance in the final photograph.

Take it Easy on the Refreshments

No matter how you cut it, that second glass of wine, or third can of beer has a tendency to cause your eyelids to sag, just a bit, according to Troy Jensen, makeup artist. Adding the flash of the camera, adds to the punishment of the crime. So make sure that those photos of get togethers are taken before you’ve enjoyed a few.

Natural is Best for Hair Styles

Watching Sleepless in Seattle, you can see how lovely Meg Ryan’s hair is when it moves. Indeed, hair that is not overly sprayed or styled often looks better on camera. According to NYC stylist David Evangelista, “You really don’t want your do to look sprayed or crunchy.”


Let the Camera Do It’s Job

If you are taking photos of yourself for a blog or portfolio, it pays to get the best camera you can afford. LA celebrity photographer Jack Guy, says that you can purchase an adequate camera that will do it’s job at a reasonable price that will not be complex to operate. Mr. Guy uses the Canon G series for his photos.

Push the Neck Forward

Anyone out there that has the ever dreaded double chin knows how difficult it is to obtain a pleasing photograph. Mimi Dorsey advises folks to face the camera and extend your face forward, just a bit. This thins out the face and reduces the double chin.

From Dusk til Dawn

For natural lighting that is flattering and also comfortable, skip the afternoon pics and instead think of having your photo shoot at dusk. According to Jack Guy, due to the position of the setting sun, you have no shadows across the face, therefore, eliminate under eye shadows, which contribute to a much younger look.

Try a Matte Foundation

Having a soft, gentle glow to the skin is flattering. However, an oily, greasy or shiny look can ruin a good photo. Troy Jensen suggests the use of a matte product, such as a matte foundation or finishing powder. The finishing powder works well, as it does not lay heavy and thick on your skin.

There you have it, some essentials in taking the perfect photograph.