“Here is more info that Jozef and I have learned about choosing hardwoods for our remodeling process. Hope It’s helpful for you all!”

Customers in the market for an excellent floor covering in their homes, should look no further than hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring will provide the homeowner looking to remodel, decades of exceptional beauty and durability. Indeed hardwood flooring is a time honored favorite on “This Old House”.


It does not matter whether the homeowner is deciding on whether to add hardwood flooring to a new home, or in the market to replace the hardwood flooring, the existing varieties of hardwood flooring will make that choice relatively easy. The toughness of white oak, for example is perfect for areas that see a lot of traffic, such as entrance way. Hardwood flooring comes in a variety of species which include, but are not limited to:







White Oak





Hardwood flooring also comes in varying widths. Strip flooring is classified as floor strips that are less than 3″ wide. This is the type of flooring that will give the room a long, and linear look. Plank flooring includes widths that are greater than 3″. If unfinished wood flooring is chosen, the installer will sand and apply the stain on the job. Solid and Engineered wood flooring are floors that are composed of multiple layers of wood or wood composite veneers. The benefit of using the engineered flooring, is that it can be placed where the practicality of standard strip flooring could not be used, such as over concrete, radiant floor heating systems and in basements.

Hardwood floor installation costs vary, from $1.50 to $8.00 per square foot. The factors that affect the price include: Wood thickness, species, and grade of wood. Pre-finished, solid engineered wood floors are able to be installed by the owner of the home. However, if the decision is made to hire a professional installer, include an extra $2.00 per square foot, minimum.


As far as durability goes, hardwood flooring can last between 10 and 30 years. Many solid engineered hardwood floors come with a 50 year warranty. However, with proper care and nurturing, hardwood floors can last twice that long.

The main factor in the life of hardwood flooring is the care it receives. Like all flooring, hardwood floors need to be cleaned and maintained. Abrasive dirt will eat away at the finish and increase the wear so vacuuming is a must. It is also a good idea to lay mats, runners or small rugs on entrance ways or areas with much traffic, such as hallways. Hardwood flooring can be installed in almost any environment. The exception being rooms that have excessive humidity or areas that are prone to flooding, such as basements.

Once the decision to purchase a hardwood floor has been made, it’s time to consider the location of the flooring as well as what type of surface the hardwood floor will be laid on. Hardwood flooring comes with a ‘hardness scale’, also known as the Janka Scale. For high traffic areas, maple, oak, cherry and ash would be good choices. For example, areas such as the kitchen or foyer, choose a tougher, harder species of wood, such as oak. Bedrooms, dens and home offices are well suited for a softer wood, such as pine or black walnut. Basements have to be considered for their high humidity and propensity to flood. Engineered woods are the best choice in this case. For the bathroom, it’s best to leave wood out of the equation and go with tile instead, due to the humidity and water from tubs and showers.

Another consideration before purchasing a wood floor, is the surface it will be applied over. The plywood subfloor works well as a subfloor. Installers will judge the condition, and make sure it is solid and flat. Next, install any type of nail or glue-down hardwood, click together strips, engineered wood, cork or planking. Installation over an existing hardwood floor requires that thinner boards, or solid/engineered hardwood flooring. If the subfloor is concrete or tile, nails will not be able to be used, so the best option would be a click together floating floor, or one that can be glued in place. Lastly, if the subfloor is a radiant floor, choose engineered hardwood flooring. This choice works best as it’s thinner and offers increased stability.

Hardwood floors as an exceptional flooring choice for home or office. They are durable, require minimal maintenance, and environmentally sustainable. Hardwood floors are an absolutely perfect choice for most living environments.