As some of you may know, Jozef and I have been remodeling our home. We have searched high and low for the best way to do it, so I’m going to share some of what we have learned here with you all. Among other things, I’m going to talk about the best toilet to install when you’re remodeling your home. Yes, among all of the other stuff you have to worry about, this is also a really big problem for almost everyone who has ever had to deal with this stuff.

You don’t really think about issues like that until they actually come up, at which point you wonder why you didn’t think of them earlier. The thing is, there really is no better time to actually install a new toilet. You don’t really want to have the same toilet forever. Not only do toilets really not last forever, but they have better toilets now. They have toilets that are easier to clean, that waste less water, and that are basically just nicer for people to look at, and who wouldn’t want that?


You wouldn’t have thought that people were ever going to make any real advances when it came to toilets, but they did, and now our old toilet is outdated. Yours probably is too, and if you’re remodeling your house, you might as well get a new toilet now. We bought a toilet that was designed to be a water-saver. We were also able to get a low profile toilet. This is great, because this means that the toilet isn’t going to completely dominate the room in the way that a lot of other toilets do, and that makes the whole bathroom look better.

Toilets are never going to be really nice to look at, but they can at least be installed in a way that isn’t going to completely dominate the room. That’s the look that’s in all of the magazines these days, and that’s the one that I recommend for the people who are really into the way that nice and clean bathrooms look. That’s what you can get if you end up upgrading your toilets at the right time, and that’s really what I recommend.

One of the reasons that Jozef and I decided to remodel in the first place was that we knew that we’d be here for a while, but that we also didn’t think that we were going to live in the house forever. We knew that we were going to have to really make the most of our house, but eventually the housing market is going to get better, and we want to be able to sell our house for way more than the amount that we spent on purchasing. With a great new efficient toilet that saves on water in a prettier bathroom that almost all others before the 2010’s, we’re halfway there, so below you’ll learn about our bathroom renovation ideas.


You should know that using the bathroom or pretty much anything else like that when you’re remodeling your home is pretty annoying. You’re going to have to go through some points where you don’t have any plumbing at all. You’re also probably going to have to cross some barely finished rooms on your way to the bathroom and to and from the shower every time. It’s not the best time, but you already knew that when you started remodeling your house.

If you’re going to be without plumbing for too long, I really recommend getting a composting toilet. I know, it sounds awful, and it sounds like something that people would associate with hippies. Well, the hippies are onto something. Lots of people who are remodeling and who are going to be without plumbing for a while are just going to get Porta Potties instead. Porta Potties are an abomination, as we all know, but we live with them when we’re at rock concerts.

Composting toilets are so much better than Porta Potties it’s not even funny. It’s really easy to install them, and you’re not going to need any plumbing. You’re going to need some electricity for some of them, but there are also versions that don’t use electricity, and these are the ones that you might need if you’re running new electricity and doing that kind of thing with your house when you’re remodeling. I seriously thought that our composting toilet was a life-saver.

You’re not going to need to spend a lot of money on composting toilets, which is great for the people who have considered dealing with the costs of a Porta Potty rental. You just need to make sure that you’re able to take out the trash when necessary, and you’re definitely fine. The waterless versions are designed using a vacuum so they’re not going to really smell, and that’s going to make a big difference. Your property is going to be full of all sorts of lovely scents when you’re in the process of remodeling your house, and that’s only going to get tougher when you’re deciding on the Porta Potty rental.

If you’re like us and currently or planning to renovate your bathroom, we recommend You can even find a good camping toilet from there. Do check it out!